How to get involved


Membership allows you to:

  • participate in caring for the orchard (planting, weeding, pruning etc.)
  • enjoy fruit from the orchard (when available)
  • share in regular news from the project
  • participate in running the project with a vote at the AGM
  • access the site at non-school times (evenings, weekends and school holidays)

Membership costs £5 per annum for individual, couple or family.

We plan to hold a couple of events each year to celebrate planting trees, picking fruit
and so on. More news to come on these!

Sponsor a tree

Sponsors of trees get to:

  • be members for two years free of charge
  • participate in planting their tree (if desired)
  • sponsorship will be acknowledged on the website and at the orchard (on a plaque/information board)

If you’d like to become a member and/or sponsor a tree please contact us!